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Like to have strings composed & recorded for your music?

Hello, my name is Chris and I can help to provide your music with strings. I was brought up in the classical world of music with fantastic teachers helping to build my knowledge and technique. I fell in love with original pop and folk music where I had the freedom to improvise and make my own sound in collaboration with other musicians. My ability to write using strings by ear became fluent and I decided to do it professionally in the recording studio and in performance.

From experience, when musicians are thinking of adding strings they usually have an idea for a string part but would like the opportunity to experiment and ask a professional string player's advice. I'm the sort of person who will spend time working in collaboration until we achieve the perfect sound. With the ability to compose, notate, read and improvise, it makes any collaboration and on-the-job writing possible.

Before you get in touch, think help you understand the process:

  • Would you like the use of a single violin?

Accompanying with simple harmony, interweaving with the counter melody, playing a riff/melody or performing a solo?

  • Would you like the use of 2-4 strings?

This allows for a small string section to accompany

  • Would you like an infinite amount of strings?

Solo, harmony, everything you could think of

Would you like the parts to be used live?

Sheet music can be made available.


Mixing process

How long will a recording take?

If I booked for 1 hour will i be charged more? - Sometimes the planning can take a considerable amount of time so the hourly session is based on how long it takes to record.


 1 hour Session

DJ and Strings
00:00 / 01:08

A typical

2 hour Session

Admission of Song - Sam Firth
00:00 / 00:00

A typical

3-4 hour Session

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