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Private Tuition - Project Strings

Violin | Viola | Acoustic Guitar | Ukulele | Singer-Songwriters | Loop-Station

Short Bio

Chris Heron is a Professional Freelance Musician based in Leeds with wide experience in the industry. Originally from Northern Ireland, he was brought up by his parents who were both professional musicians, and given formal training on the violin. At college, he was interested in popular music and went on further to compose as a singer-songwriter, learn guitar, incorporate the loop-station and improvise on the violin.


With a solid foundation and handle on classical music, he decided to study Classical & Popular music which he pursued at the University of Hull. It was there that he was able to be fully immersed in music while leading the university orchestras, performing in high-level ensemble work, performing on stage with the Cinematic Orchestra, writing and producing an original solo album, leading an independent string orchestra, performing the Sibelius Violin Concerto, and building a portfolio to lead him into the professional world of music.

He’s now based in Leeds with various work around the UK within Performance, Composition, Arranging, Producing, Recording, Teaching, Directing, and Collaborations. Chris is a very motivated individual with a huge passion to create and perform music, work with other musicians, and to teach what he knows.

Teaching Info

Private tuition is one of Chris’ favorite ways to share music through building relationships and creating a buzz whenever playing something that excites and surprises. The aim is to gain as much potential from each person. Chris is a massive believer in giving students the independence to practice and perform and to play music that inspires. Whether you'd like to learn as a beginner or to keep growing on your chosen instrument, Chris can help.

If you're interested in having lessons then have a think about what

you'd like to achieve before getting in touch.

  • Do you have a specific goal in mind?

  • Would you like to take exams?

  • Are you interested in learning your favourite pieces?

  • Are you interested in a specific style or genre?

  • Would you like to play and learn music by ear?

  • Would you like to read sheet music?

Lesson Price:
£17 - 30 minutes
£28 - 60 minutes

Lesson availability:
Tuesday 2pm-8.30pm

Wednesday 4pm-8.30pm

Thursday 4pm-8.30pm

Lessons are currently taking place online via Zoom.

Lessons in person will eventually be available at my address in Leeds, LS7.
Please get in touch if you have any questions.


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